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LRC LTD and Groove Merchant Records have been in business for nearly 50 years.  We are a production company that markets its own internationally critically acclaimed product.  We are indepently available, offering the catalog of Jazz and Blues productions of producer Sonny Lester.

Our titles have received Gold Records and Grammy Awards.  They have also been used in motion picture soundtracks, commercials for radio and television as well as track sampling usage by major current artists.

We at LRC - Groove Merchant are extremely proud of our extensive catalog of critically acclaimed and reviewed classic jazz performances and authentic blues releases as well as our newer recordings of classic repertoire by only the MAJOR NAMES in jazz.

All can be located by using keyword "Sonny Lester" on websites such as
www.google.com and
www.allmusic.com or by clicking on the following links
www.dougpayne.com/lrc.htm and www.spaceagepop.com/lester.htm .



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